Expand Your Raleigh Home with a Custom Addition

It’s a natural occurrence; families outgrow their homes. While moving is always an option, we pride ourselves on giving you the flexibility to grow within your space while planning for what’s next. All of our home additions are customized to fit your unique needs.

Top Reasons Why Our Clients Add Onto Their Homes:

“We have a baby on the way.”
“We have a parent moving in and need an in-law suite.”
“We need to fix the layout of our home. Why was it built this way?”
“We need more space for entertaining.”
“We need more space for storage.”
“We want a larger kitchen.”

Our Process

  1. We ask a lot of questions. This is to ensure we design the exact space your family needs.
  2. Once we understand your needs, we draw out solutions to make sure we hit everything on your wishlist.
  3. When the design is approved, we develop a 3D rendering, which allows you to visualize the end product.
  4. We begin planning the construction of your project.
  5. Let the transformation begin!
Start your remodeling journey.

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