Warm Up a White Space

Putting a new twist on a proven and timeless approach can help you make distinctive and personal design statements in your new kitchen or bath. All-white kitchens continue to be one of the most popular options, but we frequently work with our clients to select beautiful, contrasting finishes on hardware, faucets and lighting to make an all-white kitchen pop.

Glass-front cabinets present another opportunity to add some color to your white kitchen with the added benefit of improving efficiency too. Display vases and show off attractive glass and dinnerware in your glass-front cabinets to add splashes of color and warmth to your space, and you’ll never have to search multiple cabinets to find a crucial piece of tableware again. You may also consider paint or wallpaper inside your glass-front cabinets to add color, particularly if your tableware is white or a neutral color.

Another technique to bring warmth to an all-white kitchen is to incorporate wood elements into the space. This can be accomplished by specifying light-toned butcher-block countertops or lighter toned wood cutting boards that are both functional and aesthetic.

While white cabinets continue to be one of the most popular options, two-tone kitchens are trending now too. We’ve designed kitchens with gray upper cabinets and white base cabinets. The white cabinets served to keep the space light and bright. The look is simply stunning.

Of course, white isn’t the only option for your new kitchen, many of our clients are gravitating to wood cabinetry. And for good reason. It’s beautiful. When we combine open shelving, light countertops and backsplashes with wood cabinetry, the space looks and feels bright and airy. The light elements provide a brilliant contrast to wood cabinets that will invariably withstand the test of time.

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