Troubleshooting Wine Cellars

I have been looking at several wine cellar jobs lately. Most of them were new installations, but all too often, I get a call to fix problems with wine cellars. The one I visited last week had the same problems I see with most – mold problems. If you have mold growing in your wine cellar, it is typically caused by condensation due to inadequate insulation and moisture protection when the cellar was constructed.
I highly recommend using a closed cell spray foam insulation in the walls & ceiling (and under the floor if not on a slab). This will provide the necessary insulation and moisture barrier needed to prevent condensation that promotes mold growth. I also recommend sizing the refrigeration unit properly so it efficiently cools and controls humidity in the cellar as well.
I have teamed up with Tony Siano of CellarTec Wine Cellar Cooling to help provide professional cooling and construction of wine cellar racking featuring Kessick Wine Storage Solutions. If we can help you with a new wine cellar, or fix an existing one with some issues, don’t hesitate to call me for a free consultation.

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