Top Remodeling Trends

The remodeling industry reported strong returns in 2017 as more people are taking on remodeling projects to increase home value and enhance their environment. We have found among our clientele that time is their most important asset, and they come to us knowing that we can be their one-stop shop and manage their kitchen, bath, laundry room or closet renovation from start to finish.

Renovations to help our clientele age in place are trending upward. Both Baby Boomers who are looking to stay in their homes longer and Generation X who are modifying their homes for parents who are coming to live with them is fueling demand for universal design renovations. This type of renovation focuses on accessibility and ease of use, exemplified by curbless shower enclosures and grab bars in tubs, showers and water closet areas in bathroom remodels, first-floor bedrooms, wider doorways and handrails throughout the home.

In master bathroom remodels, many of our customers are opting for shower systems and foregoing a tub, especially if there are tubs in other bathrooms in the home. A walk-in shower delivers different relaxation benefits than soaking in a tub, and the fact of the matter is that many of our customers do not have or take the time to soak in a tub.

White and gray are the most popular colors selected by our clientele for kitchens and baths. These colors offer clean, timeless looks. Other trends in the kitchen include quartz countertops and luxury vinyl floor coverings that are extremely durable and come in an almost unlimited pallet of looks and textures.
Automation is another trend that we expect to keep on expanding. From programmable thermostats to personal assistants that can turn on the dishwasher and oven, connected devices are expected to skyrocket.
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