The Future of Kitchens

Cosentino, a worldwide distributor of surface materials used in kitchens and baths, and its Silestone Institute recently published the results of a worldwide study of kitchen trends that will increase in popularity between now and 2042. The main findings include:

Connectivity will explode. More than 70 percent of retailers surveyed related that connectivity is the most important trend in the kitchen. Consumers will expect appliances to be connected to the Internet of Everything, including smartphones, smart devices and to each other. Miele and Dacor already have connectivity features to provide updates to their appliances, that can self-diagnose any service problems too.

Designers expect that technology will be seamlessly woven into almost all aspects of the kitchen to provide information that increases safety and makes cooking easier and more enjoyable. Don’t be surprised if you start to see countertops with screens connected to the Internet that make it easier to access how-to videos, recipes and expert advice. New technology also will also enable more people to cook like professional chefs with techniques such as vacuum cooking and packaging.

Multigenerational kitchens will grow in popularity. As people continue to live longer and age in place, kitchens will be designed for ease of use in all phases of life. Ninety percent of retailers stated that functionality and practicality were the most prevalent elements in remodeling jobs. In the future, there will be adjustable countertop heights and lighting that automatically changes based on time of day and activities.

Kitchens will continue to serve as the most important room in the home and become more integrated with other living spaces. Ninety two percent of respondents believe that in the future the kitchen will be the room where friends and family congregate most often.

Families will gather in the kitchen to socialize, eat, watch television and search the Internet.

To accommodate these activities, the kitchen will not be designed as a separate room, but it will be incorporated in the overall layout of the home.

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