Supercharge your Hurricane Harvey donation!

Many of you may not know that my sister, Jean, lived outside of Houston in League City, Texas. I’ve
had quite a few people asking me how best to help in the relief effort. There are many good charitable
organizations that do awesome work with disaster relief, but there are also some that have so many
administrative costs/fees that a lower percentage of your donation actually goes to the folks that need it
the most. One that has historically done a great job and distributes more than 90% of the donation toward
their relief programs and blood services is the American Red Cross. I just found a way to supercharge
your donation to them. Wal-Mart has set up a program to do a 2X match of all donations to the American
Red Cross through their website.

Our Distinctive Remodeling employees asked me about how they could help, so we are going to match
anything our employees donate, up to $1000. This could become as much as $4000 once Wal-Mart does
their double match. This is a great way to maximize the dollars sent to those in need- and they really need
some help right now.

Of course, there are disaster relief teams that need support as well. So, feel free to give to your local
church group that is organizing relief efforts. I know the United Methodist teams did a wonderful job in
West Virginia with the flood relief projects, and there are many other teams of folks that need assistance.
I am sure most of the church communities will be doing some sort of collection for this effort.

For those interested, Jean and her two dogs were picked up by boat and made it to her friend Mary’s
house. They were fortunate to have been high enough to avoid flooding at Mary’s.

Have a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend, and look for our regular eNewsletter when you get back next

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