Selecting Appliances – Part 2

I wanted to share an update to my “Appliances” article last month, and some food for thought on how to move forward selecting appliances. Picking up where we left off…. It did take a solid 2 months to get the parts from LG to fix our refrigerator, and about 4 days for the repairman to get to us to install the parts. The good news is that it is fixed and running like it should. Of course, we still haven’t put much food in it and are waiting for evidence that the fix is relatively permanent. Our conclusion to this story is that we will not be buying LG appliances anytime soon. Although they have many nice features that appeal to us, they don’t have the durability or customer service level we would want for our home.

That brings us to our new appliance story. Since we have a contract on our house and the buyers requested for us to leave the Washer, Dryer and Refrigerator with the house, we find ourselves looking at new appliances for the townhouse that we are moving into. (Which we are remodeling before we move in). Betsy and I will be getting a taste of our own medicine, so we can speak from experience on how inconvenient remodeling can be, LOL. But, I am confident we can minimize the hassle and get it done on time for us to celebrate Christmas dinner with our family in our new kitchen. In talking with our friends Greg, Randy & Michelle, over at Appliance World, we start discovering how much the appliance business has changed, and how it has made selecting appliances more complex.

You see, not only do you need to ask about features, durability, and customer service, but you need to ask who the actual manufacturer is, since many are made by other companies. I discovered that LG is now making Kenmore products and refrigerators for Dacor. Dacor has been bought out by Samsung, and will still be making its own cooking products, but likely will use Samsung for new refrigerators. Sharp makes most manufacturer’s microwaves. GE Appliances got bought out by China’s Haier. Viking Range has been sold to Middleby Corp. Until these companies have a track record of success with their “new” appliance lines, it is hard for consumers to know what will work well, and what has changed.

Let me share how we went about making some decisions on our new appliances. Many folks know my favorite cooking appliances are Dacor. So, we are going with Dacor in the new kitchen, even though they have been purchased by Samsung. Sharp makes microwaves for Dacor, and has a long track record of quality, so, we are good with that, too. And, even though Haier bought GE Appliances, GE has a strong customer service program and make it easy to get parts and service if needed, so we are purchasing the washer and dryer from GE.

If this all seems confusing, you are not alone. I found this website that has a list of “Who Makes What” as a reference, if you are doing some research. The other option is to go with companies that only make their own products. This list is pretty small. A few that I like are Miele, Wolf/Sub Zero, Bosch and a handful of others. To sort through these, I recommend using an appliance dealer that can give you some insight into who makes the best products, and offer the best service at the time you are looking to purchase, since it changes often. Let me know if I can help.
Thanks, Eddie

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