Remodeler’s Remodeling Update February 12, 2017

We are just about done with our remodel, so Betsy has the task of creating the punch list, and putting blue tape on items that need addressed. The man cave (basement), is turning out to be the unintentional crown jewel of this project. But let’s not forget the Mac Daddy kitchen which is still great. And it will be greater when the new Dacor 42” fridge gets installed. #goodthingscometothosethatwait #patienceisavirtue To say we have overbuilt for the neighborhood would be a understatement. But, since we will be using it to show customers examples of what products and solutions we can do, hopefully, that will add value in different ways.

The basement is using a lot of cabinets that were repurposed from our Appliance World showroom, making some custom pieces to fill in some blanks. Prewiring for 7.1 surround sound makes a big difference, and sounds amazing! We reinstalled that system from the old house. This will be where I get to have some of my collectibles on display – Harley Davidson gear, Steelers and sports memorabilia, Comic and Movie related items, etc.

My stay in our “shared” office upstairs is going to be short-lived, as I am being moved to the basement to set up my home office down there. My organization “system” is not neat enough, and drives Betsy a little crazy. #neatfreak

For those old school folks reading this please pardon the hashtags – #ImNewToThis LOL

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