Our Renovation Update!

We are in the short rows of getting our remodeling project done, as we are now working on the basement finishing.  The sheetrock went up yesterday and we are hoping to have everything done and all the workers out of the house before the end of January.  Betsy and I have a full appreciation of what our customers go through!  We are oh, so tired of not being able to:

    >Find anything that we are looking for

    >Wiping the dust off of anything that we need to use

    >Eating on paper plates, sitting on the still-full U-haul moving boxes for meals

    >Not being able to sleep in (that one is for Betsy, since I cannot seem to sleep in anytime)

    >Having to keep Harley closed off in a room so he doesn’t get out the door when the guys are coming in and out.

    >Go to our beach place since we have so much to get done to get back to “normal”

    >Visit with friends, or have friends over for a glass of wine

    >Cook our “normal” meals in our brand new kitchen!!

So, yes, this is like going back to customer service training as I get to remind all my guys that are working at our house, what we need to be doing to make our customers lives as convenient as possible when working on their home.  It is a good thing to do every so often.  That being said, I am ready to be done.  Like many of our customers say, “I love you guys, but I am ready for you to get out of our house”.  Amen.

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