Dream Outdoor Oasis

Are you looking for ideas for your dream outdoor kitchen or outdoor living space? This incredible outdoor living and kitchen space may serve as some inspiration.

Danver stainless steel cabinetry was used for this outdoor kitchen. This cabinetry is very durable against all elements. In addition, a cohesive stone countertop was used. This outdoor kitchen includes a 24” outdoor refrigerator, a 36” grill, and a ceramic Kamado grill. These appliances help make outdoor cooking and food and beverage storage more convenient.

Complimenting this outdoor kitchen is a sleek, wooden building containing a hot tub and sauna. This is guaranteed to be an attention grabber and a conversation starter.

This 7-person hot tub is the perfect amenity for this outdoor living space as it provides another way to entertain guests.

Situated next to the hot tub, this sauna is a fitting amenity. Saunas have many health benefits and are overall a great outdoor living space addition.

A fire pit provides more space to entertain guests. This is an excellent place for conversations and relaxation, much like the hot tub and sauna.

This outdoor living space and kitchen is the perfect outdoor oasis for relaxation and hosting guests. There are many ways to add amenities to your backyard and create your outdoor oasis. What amenities would you include in your dream outdoor living space and/or kitchen?

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