Distinctive Notes

Spring is Coming!! I know it is only early March, but I don’t pay much attention to Punxsutawney Phil. Before we know it, we will have the beautiful NC spring flowers, breezes, and …. pollen. Maybe that is why we have been designing so many projects with Eze Breeze windows in them creating screened porches that can keep the pollen out.

Here at Distinctive Remodeling, we look forward to spring and have a busy few months coming. We are finishing up both of our Remodelers Home Tour houses. Yes, I know I swore I would not do two at the same time again, but since we have more help, we really wanted to show off a couple of these projects this year. Mark your calendars for April 23rd & 24th. We will have the Gustafson whole house remodel project inside the beltline, and a magnificent outdoor kitchen project in South Raleigh to tour. Josh will be at the house in town, and I will be at the outdoor kitchen. We would love to have you come to both! The addresses for all the Tour homes will be in the News & Observer, and check at Wake Remodelers!

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