Convert Your Bathroom Into a Wellness Center

The global pandemic has cast a bright spotlight on the importance of cleanliness and staying healthy. We can help you create a healthier home for your family by converting your bathroom into a wellness center.

A bathroom serves functional purposes for grooming and hygiene, and those activities are improved with the proper lighting, ventilation and with anti-bacterial materials and fixtures. Today’s manufacturers are harnessing the ability of water, light, color, sound, music, smell and technology to provide therapies that promote health and wellness.

Technologically sophisticated glazes on toilets and sinks can fight bacteria. There is anti-microbial door and cabinet hardware, and within a few weeks, we expect a new line of cabinet hardware that kills germs on contact.

There are smart mirrors with 3D scanners, multispectral cameras and gas sensors to assess the health of the person looking into them. These mirrors examine a person’s face, look at fatty tissue, facial expressions and how flushed or pale a person’s skin is. Facial recognition software in vanity mirrors can identify signs of stress or anxiety.

Gas sensors serve as breathalizers providing data on how much someone may drink or smoke. Mirror scanners that analyze face shapes can identify weight gain or loss, and multispectral cameras in smart mirrors read heart rates or hemoglobin levels. The sensors in smart mirrors can tell homeowners how healthy they are and offer guidance to improve health.

Technologically sophisticated toilets feature massage and washlet systems that eliminate the need for toilet paper. Integrated exhaust systems remove odors and bacteria. Some toilets have self-rising and closing seats, automatic flushing and self-cleaning capabilities, which allow them to be used and operated hands-free. Hands-free and touch-activated faucets also contribute to a healthier bath or kitchen.

Steam systems offer therapeutic benefits to reduce stress, eliminate toxins and improve immune systems, respiration and skin tone. Steam also improves sleep, makes it easier to relax and soothes tired muscles.

Shower and bath systems can include hydrotherapy capabilities that relax tired muscles and reduce stress while enhancing circulation.

These are a partial list of the products and capabilities that Raleigh homeowners can use to make their homes healthier and more enjoyable. If you would like to know more about how you can create a bath that can enhance your family’s health and wellbeing, give us a call at 919-772-3335 or send us a message here.

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