Because I said I would….

I just returned from a Kitchen and Bath conference in Minneapolis and have a lot of great ideas and product information to share with my team and customers. You will get to see some of these things when our new showroom is complete, and we will be sharing ideas as we work with clients to inspire great new designs. One of the highlights of the conference was a presentation by a man named Alex Sheen. Some of you may have seen him on TV, discussing his organization, Because I said I would. Because I said I would is a social movement and nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity. Their mission is to strengthen humanity’s will. Because I said I would encourages and supports making and keeping promises to end suffering, establish peace and build happiness.

This may seem simple, the idea of making a promise and keeping it, but in this day and age it is harder to find people who do what they tell you they are going to do. My parents helped instill this quality in me as I was growing up, and I really appreciate people who display this characteristic today. I wanted to emphasize this to my kids as well, so much so that I bought these shirts for my family. All the proceeds help their organization.

Because I Said I Would T-Shirt

Because I Said I Would Shirt Tag

If you would like to be inspired by some awesome stories about how this organization has helped folks improve their lives, their outlook, and their fellow man, check out the website. If you get the chance to hear Alex in person, I am sure you will be moved by his message.


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