An All-American, Privately Owned, Cabinet Company

On this July 4 th weekend, I wanted to share a story of a great American company. Ron Limpic and I just spent 3 full days of training at a cabinet company that is the only one I know of that brings in freshly cut logs and ships out finished cabinets. Wellborn Cabinets, Inc. in Ashland, Alabama does just that, and it was truly impressive to see the whole process. For many, just the logging and milling operations would be enough. Others, may just dry the wood in kilns, and others may just fabricate cabinet parts and some assemble cabinet parts ordered from others. But Wellborn, is vertically integrated, to control the whole process from start to finish and is responsible for the quality of everything they build. Take a look at some of the pictures of this process, from milling, drying, fabricating, sanding, finishing, packaging and shipping American made cabinets. And they have a 3-4 week lead time instead of an industry average of 6-8 weeks.

We are a new dealer for Wellborn Cabinets and are proud to be able to work with this privately held company, that is dedicated to first class quality in a wide range of cabinet and closet offerings. We are just getting up to speed with their process and have started with a new design program that integrates with their ordering system, but expect to be running full speed in short order. The Wellborn brand allows us to offer much more than we previously could from several different brands. We can hit most price points with their cabinets or our own custom cabinets. Call us today if we can help with your next cabinetry project.

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