2019 Home Builders Association Awards

We’re proud to announce that we won 4 remodeling awards at the Home Builders Association annual award show. It’s always an honor to see our hard-work be recognized in a very competitive industry.

Below are the winning projects:


Best Select Interior over 20K

The homeowners wanted something that would be beautiful looking through the window from the downstairs bar area, and also hide the storage room door that was inside the cellar.


Walnut was an easy choice since it matched their bar area cabinets. Although they don’t have a large collection, yet, they wanted room for a growing wine collection and display rows for their better bottles.


They also had a custom piece of art made that we back lit to highlight the niche to be seen through the bar window. Overall, this wine cellar dovetails in with the details of the house nicely and is a great entertaining space. The owners were thrilled with the finish and the way the storage door got hidden.


Best Room Renovation over 30K

In planning to renovate their forever home, our homeowners wanted a spacious walk in closet with customized storage and easy access to everything they needed. The existing two-car garage was incorporated into the new living space, and half of this new square footage was designated for the closet.



Special features include a full-height pull out scarf rack, beautiful wood print melamine cabinetry, and a built-in 3-way mirror with adjustable side panels. With the existing laundry located on the lower level of this home, and the homeowners’ desire to be able to age in place, we installed a washer/dryer hook up for future use.



These are hidden behind cabinets which can be removed in the future, if the homeowners desire to add a washer and dryer in this space. The homeowners are excited about both the beauty and functionality of their new master closet.


Best Exterior Facelift 80k – 100k

This home had always lacked a covered front porch and when you opened the front door to enter, you were greeted by the bottom of the stairs. We were able to shift the bottom of the stairs out of the path of the doorway, expand the foyer, and add a grand front porch that allows guests to be out of the weather when they come to the door.



We used a stone veneer since the brick of the house had been discontinued many years prior. We discovered this during a previous addition where we had used all of the available brick. The stone complements the brick for a fabulous finish. The columns at the entrance to the driveway were also covered in the stone veneer to tie in with the porch.



We updated the front entrance with sidelites and a taller front door to be more fitting with a house of this stature. Stately columns, a copper roof, real wood shutters and shutter dogs add to the elegance of the front of the house. Our homeowners are thrilled with the end results and wish they had done it sooner.


Best Whole House Remodel over 500K

The homeowners originally hired Bizios Architecture to help them develop a plan for renovating and adding on to this home for it to be their “Forever Home”. Their plans included the structural changes, but not the full blown interior specifications and plans. Enter Distinctive Remodeling and our team of Leslie Cohen, Michelle Bonds, Eddie Casanave and Matt Faro.



We are happy to present an amazing industrial inspired contemporary home with numerous special features and incredible products. The design is like none in the area, and is extremely well thought out.




Congratulations to all of the Distinctive team that worked hard on these projects, and a job well done!

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